The company is approved by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government Sui's letter to [1997]82 paper "on the preparations for the establishment of Guangzhou electric power group Limited by Share Ltd approved the issue of" approved by Guangzhou, launched an exclusive development group limited under the fully owned company of Guangzhou Power Group Co. Ltd, the overall restructuring collects the way to set up the Limited by Share Ltd. 27 June 1997 approved the Nikkei China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company was the first to the domestic public publicly issued RMB ordinary shares of 100000000 shares, issue price of 7.87 yuan / share. The first issue A shares to complete and set up, as a sponsor of the Guangzhou Electric Power Group Co Ltd is cancelled at the same time, the total share capital of the company 666000000 shares of its China, legal person shares 566000000 shares, held by the development group, the public shares 100000000 shares.

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